Federico Capasso
Harvard School of Engineering  and Applied Science

High performance Quantum Cascade lasers: from high power to frequency combs


Samuel Clegg
Los Alamos National Laboratory

Planetary Surface  Investigations with Remote Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy and Raman Spectroscopy

Yan Feng  

Shanghai Institute of Optics and fine Mechanics.  Chinese Academy of Sciences.  China

High-power widely-wavelength-tunable Raman fiber lasers

Leonida Gizzi

Istituto Nazionale di Ottica – CNR.  Italy

Lasers needs for future plasma based accelerators

Michael Heaven

Emory University | EU  Department of Chemistry. USA

Development and scaling of diode-pumped rare gas lasers 


Antonio Lucianetti

HiLASE Centre.  Institute of Physics CA.  Czech Republic

HiLASE Laser Centre: status and prospects 


Jean Luc Miquel

CEA/DAM/DAN LMJ and Laser-Plasma Experiments.  France

Laser mega-joule program, and PETAL facility

Dennis Penninckx


Evolution of high-power >kJ-class lasers 

Glenn Perram


Multi-level kinetics and beam quality for Diode Pumped Alkali Lasers


Hubertus von Bergmann

Laser Research Institute - University of Stellenbosch.  South Africa

High Pressure CO2 Amplifiers for Picosecond Pulse Amplification



Fumio  Wani

Engineering Division, Aerospace Company Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.  Japan

High Power Laser activities at Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Lt.d.